“Dan Finds Out”
Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

October, 10 2013


Mike Sikowitz


Michael Engler

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Dan Finds Out is the second episode of the series Welcome to the Family. This episode was watched by 2.49  milion people.


Caroline finds out she is pregnant and wants to keep it a secret, but Junior finds out. At their children's request, Miguel and Dan try to work out their differences at the gym. 


Episode PlotEdit

The episode starts with Junior and Molly kissing and having fun at Molly's kitchen. 

Than it is shown how Caroline comes to the doctor so she can see if she really is pregnant. Than Junior and Molly
come and see that Caroline is thre too. Than she makes an excuse that she came to see Molly's baby on ultrasound. And then everyone comes to see Molly's baby.Than they all see Molly's ultrasound. When they all go Caroline stays for a little more. Than she goes to the doctor's office to see her baby on ultrasound. When she's at the office looking at her ultrasound Junior comes and sees it. Caroline tells him that this stays between them. 

Than later at a restaurant Molly and Dan come and there are also Miguel and Junior. They sit together and Miguel says to Dan that he can come to his boxing gym for that free lesson. Later they both find out that this was all Junior and Molly's plan.

Than later Caroline tries to tell Dan about her beinng pregnant, but he talks that baby is only to much work... and then
she doesn't tell him. When Dan goes Lisette comes over and they talk and Lisette tells her that one thing she's gona learn about Junior is that he can't keep a secret and that he told her about her pregnency.


Meanwhile at the boxing gym Dan and Miguel practice boxing, but that Dan leaves. Caroline calls him by phone and tells him that she's pregnant. Dan then makes a car incident by crashing into Miguel's car, and then he runs away.

Later at Caroline's house she tells Molly that she's pregnant.

Than Miguel find Dan when he does they start to fight each other. Than they punche each other in balls and then they both go back to Caroline's house.

The episode ends with Dan and Caroline watching her ultrasound and Dan is crying.


  • Dan crushes into Miguel's car.
  • Junior finds out that Caroline is pregnant.
  • In this episode we learn Caroline's age(42)
  • Dan and Miguel have a fight.