Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date

October 3, 2013


Mike Sikowitz


Michael Engler

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Dan Finds Out

Pilot is the first episode of the new NBC series Welcome to the Family. This episode was watched by 2.99 milion people.


Dan and Caroline Yoder are attending the high school graduation of their daughter Molly, who barely passed her classes, and have to get her to stop texting long enough to receive her diploma. At the same time, Junior Hernandez, the eldest son of Miguel and Lisette Hernandez and a valedictorian at his high school, is just starting a speech to his class when he receives a text from Molly, announcing that she's pregnant. Dan, not knowing of his daughter's relationship with Junior, has a shouting match with Miguel when he tries to use a "free boxing lesson" coupon at the gym that Miguel owns. Later, when Junior insists his parents meet Molly's parents, Miguel and Dan continue to berate each other. While Caroline and Lisette attempt to deal with the situation and each other's families, it appears that Miguel and Dan want to continue being antagonistic. 



  • Molly sends Junior a text while he's speeach.
  • Molly revealds that she 's pregnant
  • Molly is a little bit stupid Junior is very smart(he wants to go to stanford)
  • Junior asks Molly to marry him
  • When they're at the faris wheel Junior is the only one who goes to it Molly stays down because she's pregnant.


Welcome To The Family (NBC) Official Trailer (HD)

Welcome To The Family (NBC) Official Trailer (HD)