“The Big RV Adventure”
Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date

October 17, 2013




Michael Engler

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Dan Finds Out


Molly and Junior Find a Place

The Big RV Adventure is the third episode of the new NBC series Welcome to the Family. This episode was watched by 2.42 milion people.


Molly and Junior find that living with the Yoder family is a little too close for comfort and decide to move in with the Hernandez family. Molly finds that the Hernandez house is an even tighter fit, and that Lisette is a little over protective and not quite ready to let go of Junior. 


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Episode PlotEdit

The episode starts with Caroline and Dan talking and kissing. And after that Dan goes to his office and Junior comes and says that he sended a text to him about spending more me and you time.

Later at Yoder orthodontics Dan talks to Ricky and he tells him that how great it was at the trip with RV. Meanwhile Miguel and Lisette are at Demetrio's school. There they see Ana, who is Miguel's ex. girlfriend. After finding out that Lisette gets jelous.

Then it is shown how Molly and Junior are kissing. Meanwhile Miguel and Dan are at the boxing gym practecing and that Dan comes up with the idea to buy a RV.He buys it and he shows it to Caroline and she gets angry that he bought the RV before even asking her. 

Later at school Ana tells Miguel and Lisette that Demetrio isn't reading book because Lisette told him not to.

At Molly's house Molly and Junior talk about why they didn't have sex in a while. Than Junior tells Molly that he's afraid to do it in Yoder's house.

Than at the boxing gym Dan and Miguel work out. While Caroline goes into the RV infornt of their house and there are also Junior and Molly having sex. Caroline wants to take the RV back. She takes it and she sees a burger place and she goes to it, and she makes an car incident. Because she wanted to eat a burger. 

Than Lisette distarcts a police officer so he won't arrest Caroline. Than another officer comes and says that they need to leave. But Caroline won't leave till she gets three cheess burgers. Than she gets it and Dan and Caroline leave in an RV.

The episode ends with Dan and Caroline kissing and are about to have a sex.


  • We find out that Dan works at Yoder Orthodontics.
  • Dan eycedently sends a text to Junior instead of Caroline


Welcome to the Family 1x03 "The Big RV Adventure" Promotional Photos Season 1 Episode 03

Welcome to the Family 1x03 "The Big RV Adventure" Promotional Photos Season 1 Episode 03